Welcome to living your life you love.

Life coaching for transitioning humanitarians

so that whether you leave the humanitarian field or stay within, you love living your life as it is in line with who you really wish to be and what you want to accomplish in life while prioritizing yourself and your loved ones

Hi there,

So great to see that you want to transition from a life of survival to a life you love living and thriving.

For some weird reason,

Many of us accepted that

Our lives are of survival or ok to just get by

Surviving from one RnR to next,

from one assignment to another

While worrying about the boss or next deadline,

And family back home that we did not spend much time lately

In between just dealing with frustrations, disappointments, overwhelm

Let’s change that.

This change can happen ALREADY IN YOUR MIND

WITHOUT you changing anything externally if you don’t want to.

Do you want to know how?

Here is for the start.

We look at the before and after picture of your life.


From where you are departing so to look at what you love and not so much about your life in whole now


To where you wish to be: who you TRULY wish to be and how you REALLY want to live your life


Transitioning to your destination with a great roadmap designed by you, tailored uniquely for you and by you using your unique, powerful inner wisdom.

For many humanitarians, THE BEFORE is something like

being reactionary, sacrificing, overwhelmed and stressed out

THE AFTER is something like below…

Being truly who you want to be without compromises and sacrifices

Fully in Charge

Feeling this inner freedom to make choices that matter to you, that makes sense

Fulfilled by the impact you make

Successful in earning as much as you want, creating whatever Titles, privileges, stabilities you want

Live exotic, exceptional, impactful life of being with your loved ones while also doing all there is you want to do

You say, it is impossible?

Let me show you How.

There are usually three things

that held you back previously…

  • Your old programming (don't worry, we all have or had it)
  • Your actioning way out (i.e. believing if you keep hustling, sth will happen) or simply
  • You not letting go of attachments (fear of losing out on things)

Let me explain…

Old Programming is when…

We believe that in order to be happy and successful we need to

  • Nwork 24/7
  • Nsacrifice everything we have
  • Ntolerate everything that is asked of us
  • N just accept life is like this

And when we are not aware that feeling happy & successful come from our thoughts and beliefs, not from actions.

Old programming is when we falsely believe we are worthy if

  • Nwe are successful, have money, status, privileges
  • Nwe need to keep proving how powerful we are
  • Nwe have stability

Even though we are worthy by birth, no matter what we have or dont have!!!



This is the most important part, the PROCESS 🙂

My magic secret is to help you finally recognize that

You have all the amazing tools within you to live your extraordinary life

In the form of

You name it, fulfillment, happiness, success, money, amazing relationships.

By trusting in yourself & your dream life

By growing your inner freedom &

By bringing them all to committed actions that result in what you want

The process (or roadmap) is SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE


It could be like:

You dont know what to do if you transition from your job

You dont know how to leave what you built for so long and with hard work

You are afraid that even if you go after what you really want, it may not work out

You are not good at anything else than being a humanitarian

You are afraid of not being able to provide for your family if you leave

You are afraid of not making as much as you are making now.

And many more reasons because of which you just stayed where you are and you dont want to do something about it


You will learn how to problem solve any of the questions above from the place of trusting yourself and your goal. This way you will gather more evidence as to how you trust yourself.


Once you recognize that you can always decide to be the person who you truly want and have the freedom to continue working where you are or do something completely different


We jointly come up a plan to execute that plan by starting to do it already now where you are without changing anything else outside, if you dont want to.


of you being the person you want to be, and living the life you love living.

And the results…

At the end I guarantee you these results

You becoming the person who trusts you NO MATTER WHAT’S GOING


You doing what you love doing, making the IMPACT your heart desires


You EARNING whatever SALARY you love, of P3, P4 or Director level salary And

You BEING FULLY in CHARGE of your Life, your schedule

You LIVING wherever you are, with YOUR loved ones

Asel Ormonova

All of this sound intriguing, book a call.

A bit scary also. I get it. But we know one thing.

If you are reading this it means you are just tired of fixing things

Reacting to things, getting by, or just addressing the symptoms.

And you want to do something about it

Something substantial, holistic and

It is time to change

Because you know you are capable of more

Because you know your life can be amazing, extraordinary

Because you want that passion back that you used feel

Or simply

Because you just want to live life just in the way that you want it without really explaining or justifying

Whatever fear you have, i totally get it.

I totally understand what you are going through. I can only make this statement cause i went through myself.

I had all kinds of stories before transitioning.

Like i cannot live without the humanitarian organization i was working for. I thought i was married to it. Divorcing would be too difficult to handle.

I also had other worries, like what happens if i leave and it does not work out, and i have 7 families back in Kyrgyzstan to take care of financially, especially when i am paying for my mom’s medical bills (she is chronically ill with joint problems, and diabetes), my sister at 50 decided to study so helping to make her dream reality, help her four children to get to their feet, as they have their own families, etc.

And also another big worry i had was who resigns during the COVID 19 pandemic.

But thanks to coaching

I have not only resigned during pandemic

I decided on fully trusting myself, my dreams and make my next journey of creating success even bigger than the one i made during my career job.

I am now making similar income to my P3 salary back in the UN. The great part is i only work 3 days a week, doing what i love while living anywhere in the world and being close to my loved ones.

Doing only the things i love, including doing my humanitarian work in the way makes sense to me where RESULTs count BIG, rather than activity.

And all of this without big fuss, and drama.

I know that i will have many more challenges awaiting me, but i know that i can always coach my brain, get coaching from my coach, and continue problem solving while trusting myself and my abilities.

I finally feel whole again. I finally feel fully in charge, taking responsibility for my life, and no feeling of being in race with myself, proving things to others. I would love to help you experience the same.

So are you with me?

My goal is not to convince you.

My goal is to show you what are the options available to you. If you want to.

My goal is to invite you to revolutionize humanitarian but also any work industry in the world to making a place where

People already know and living their amazing lives

But just wish to come together to create even more amazingness in the world

Focus on what really matters

Namely to support each other, to support those who need help and bring the best in everyone by leading their own examples

Let’s create this world because well

Just because we want to

Just because we can

Just because it is so amazing to be surrounded by such teams, communities, societies and the world

So are you with me?

Ready to start this revolution with yourself? And then spread to everyone else by your living example?

Then lets do this!!!