I work with humanitarians who finally wish to be

in charge of their lives,

doing the work out of love, passion

creating the impact they desire without sacrificing their family time or other desires

earning whatever they want without depending on the next promotion, next assignment, next P3 or P4 or Director categories

feeling free, trusting, fulfilled and WHOLE

The way I help you achieve the above and more

I help you really get to know who you are and why you are not getting all the results of what you want.

We look at what specific stories you might be telling yourself that are not allowing you to be there where you want.

We get structured or creatively chaotic to get to what you really want.

And then decide what self concept and actions can get you there

While measuring whats working and what is not each month.

So that we are clear on how you are in charge of creating your results

I also help you coach yourself and come to coaching call with deeper questions of where exactly you are not moving forward and

Help you realize for yourself what beliefs, patterns might be stalling you from not going to where you want.

Your Investment In Yourself

I charge $5,000 USD paid up front for creating these life changing amazing results


You can also pay in installments of $500 USD every month within 10 months, starting from the first month of coaching work.

Duration and Location

It is one calendar year. We arrange the time that is convenient for you.

Each session is 1 hour long and takes place over zoom every week
at the same day and time, unless agreed otherwise.


Results you can expect

You will be clear as to how to get ready, how to transition and when to transition

You will be clear how to know when it is working of what you want and when it is not

Transition to your life you are desiring successfully

By understanding who you are and what you want

Creating your identity the way you want without attaching to the ones you dont like

Trusting yourself and your dreams, honoring your deepest desires

Setting boundaries that makes sense to you

Dedicating your time to your loved ones and what you love doing

Always acting from freedom within, instead of attachments and fears

Knowing deeply that you can create whatever result you want, whether you work for someone or yourself.

Develop strategies and skills for those days when things don’t go as planned

Who am I to guide you on this journey?

I am a humanitarian with 10 years of experience in the field.

At some point, i realized that i did not want my life, my schedule, the way i create impact and how much i earn or what promotions i get depended on another organization.

I wanted to be in charge of it all myself.

So i decided to resign during the peak of pandemic, while being financially providing five families back home in various villages in Kyrgyzstan.

I went through all kind of scary stories my brain used to tell me as to

How it may not work again (cause i did it once before)?

How i will be ashamed, humiliated and not able to provide for my family?

How i am not cut out for this and many other fears.

Finally thanks to coaching i was able to not only create the life i was desiring, i am now making my own salary of P3 position that i used to hold back in my career job in UN.

I am making this and about to make more

while being fully in charge of my schedule

living wherever i want

and working only 25 hrs per week and spending the rest with my loved ones

and creating the impact the way i love where i help people create concrete results in their lives.

Therefore, i would love to help you

learn to trust yourself and your dreams

to make your dreams come true

without sacrifices, unnecessary suffering and drama.

Ready? Let’s Start

  • NGet clear on where you are now and where you wish to go
  • NDevelop your unique path to leading you to what you truly desire
  • NLearn to trust yourself, your desire, vision to make it a reality by already living it as of now
  • NAnd develop strategies, tools to deal with every challenge along the way


I have tried to transition in the past but did not work

Things never work the way we want IF we are

Doing it out of Disbelief that it wont work anyway.

Doing out of Distrust that we are not good at making things work.

Wanting to Give up every time our brains interpret things at It is not working.

So the only way we can make anything work is if

We trust ourselves deeply.

We trust what we are doing.

And committed to taking many actions to achieve our goals

And measure along the way of where specifically it may not be working.

I am scared of transitioning even though i want to

It is ok. It is supposed to be scary. Just because we have fear does not mean that we should not be doing things. We might be scared about losing what we have, not being able to provide for our families. I totally get it.
But it is equally scary to not be living the life we want, being with the loved ones we love or dedicating our time on all those exciting projects we have been postponing in the name of our work.
Obviously we dont need to transition physically or circumstantially to be living our lives the way we want. It is all in the mind as they say. The question is what life would you love to live that makes you feel giddy and joyful to be living it? Let’s work towards making that happen whether you transition circumstantially or not.

I would love to but cannot afford it

If we are really honest: cannot afford is a thought. It came from our old programming where we may place more value on money than on what we actually achieve by investing this in our growth. Cause it is actually too expensive not to be living the life we want, not to be doing all the things of what we want, and not to be helping those people we want. It is actually not expensive to spend this money in order to be able to create inner freedom, trust to be creating whatever life we want and earn whatever we want for the rest of our lives. Dont use ‘cannot afford’ as a reason not to go after what you really want. It is time to invest in your growth to become the person you want to be living the life you desire.

I dont have time

It will probably be one of the first things we can address in our coaching work. Cause simply there is no such thing as No time or Not enough time. We always find time for things we value.

Then it becomes interesting as to why we are not valuing what we want, namely transition to life we desire? We can talk about it in our coaching call.

If we dont have time, it is an indication that we are not being in charge of our schedule, hence our lives. If you feel like you dont have time, you probably may not have time for yourself and even for your loved ones. It is an indication that it is time to get coaching to understand why you are not feeling like in charge?

By the end of our coaching work, i promise you, you will no longer be saying, you dont have time. You will always know why you are prioritizing this over other so it becomes a matter of where you put your attention because you choose to, not because you dont have time.

I have never been coached, i am nervous

It is understandable and there is no reason to worry, be nervous about. Coaching is a great non-judgemental, neutral container to help you see your thoughts, feelings that are leading you to results that you may or may not want so you can decide what to do with that type of awareness. Coaching therefore is to help you see your own thinking, reasoning, and developing your decision to move forward. My work as a coach to help you see all of the above with powerful questions that empowers you to find your answers to your questions. As a coach, i also help you to recognize your inner tools, wisdom to achieve bigger goals that you may have considered impossible up to now. Coaching helps you to learn so much about yourself that you are ready to take charge to bring your goals and your life to next level. Cause you will know how to solve for all obstacles in the way.