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Lab for transitioning humanitarians (LTH)

This group is for humanitarians

Who are…

Considering transitioning to the life they love and toying with ideas

Wanting something else but not sure what it is yet

Want to remain in the humanitarian field but want to do this work differently than the status quo way

Trying to get out of toxic environments

Having hard time dealing with ‘difficult’ bosses, colleagues




Are not sure if they should transition?


Or they should just try to make their current employment work to their advantage?

Are not sure what they want even if they would transition?

Are just curious to develop strategies to deal with ‘difficult’ boss, colleague

Want to deal with ‘toxic’ environment

Get rid of overwhelm, unnecessary stress

Want to get out of being stuck

Setting boundaries

Learning to take care of themselves

Topics of coaching

  • How to transition to your life you love without leaving your job?
  • How to transition to your life you love while leaving the humanitarian field?
  • How to stop overwhelming, stressing yourself?
  • How to get ready for transitioning?
  • How to stop yourself from feeling stuck, confused, fearful, exhausted?
  • How to stop chasing success but arriving where you want?
  • How to make effective & unattached decisions?
  • How to deal with 'toxic' environments?
  • How to deal with 'difficult' bosses, colleagues?
  • How to earn/make as much money as you wish?
  • How to deal with failures?
  • How to create your own unique roadmap for transitioning? & more

The Way It Works

We have once a week coaching calls, you are invited to take part actively or passively by watching others get coached

You can also access all replays of past calls in case you missed it.

You also have a facebook group where you can ask questions, talk about your progress and share your wins.

You will also get some insight teachings during the calls if many participants are struggling with the same topic, coaching strategies will be placed there.

You can join this group any time and start using the video materials inside the portal. I hold intro sessions on 27th of each month where you can come to ask any questions related to the group if you are new to the group.

The cost of your life time access

1 000 USD for payable in advance

Results you can Expect

  • Decide whether to transition or not
  • If you do decide to stay, you will know how to not let yourself overwhelm, stress, overwork, overreact to external circumstances
  • If you do decide to transition to somewhere else, you will trust yourself to go for it and make it work
  • Cause you trust yourself that you can make anything work in life if you put your trust, commitment to work
  • Learn to be fully in charge of your time, mental and emotional energy
  • Learn to stop 'proving things' to yourself or others and embody your wholeness
  • Learn to be in charge of creating your impact, your fulfillment
  • Simply create the life you love living whether you leave the humanitarian field or decide to stay within


  • Intro session on 27th of each month, starting from September 2022 to everything of how it works around in the group
  • Weekly coaching calls (1 hr on zoom) on Wednesdays, at 7 pm CET every week
  • Community of support (Facebook)
  • Ask any questions any time

My Guarantee

In both, i guarantee these results and if you dont get these results with our coaching relationship, i am happy to return your investment

Result of you trusting in yourself
To live your life in the way you want to
While making the impact you love making
And earning as much as you want
And being in charge of your time to spend with loved ones or just on your own adventures

Having worked for 10 years in an environment where it was difficult to see results, i have decided with my coaching practice, it will be totally my way. And my way is to give my humanitarians 100% results. If not, i dont wish to spend my time arguing with others why it did not work, cause i know our brain and time resources are more valuable than arguing over a few thousands. Therefore, no worries about your investment.

I would love for you to show up in this coaching relationship to get all the things of what you came for without worrying whether you loose your money or not. You wont. In fact, you will set yourself up for actually never worrying about money cause you will be making a lot yourself and you will be taking full responsibility for how you show up in life, and how to always get of what you came in double, trip, ten times the return.

Join The Group

  • NIf you wish to get clear on making things work in your current humanitarian work
  • NIf you wish to get clear on how to make your transition to a new field work
  • NIf you wish to develop the skill of trusting yourself to create the life you love living.


Can i join if i am not humanitarian yet or i am not a humanitarian?

Absolutely, whatever humanitarians have struggling with is a very human thing so it is applicable to all.

Can i join both the group and individual coaching?

Absolutely, you can get coaching on your specific questions and also keep working on other areas while being in the group or see how others are getting coached to see their results

Why it is life time?

Great question. Just because it is life time, it does not mean, it should take a life time to achieve what you want. Whatever you want to achieve, it takes as much as you give it to take. I made this group a life time so that no matter what life throws at you, you always have a support system in place to get coaching you need to stay on course to achieving your goals.

Is confidential?

The video replays of each group coaching session will be available to all members in the group. If you have any confidential information or coaching request, you can request to be coached by it via email: asel@complaintfree.life